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The KCP&L Lighting Rebate program
works to benefit everyone involved.
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KCP&L Rebate Funding is Available for Missouri Non-Residential Customers

The KCP&L Rebate Program can cut your lighting electric bill 35 to 80%, provide a greater quantity and quality of light and dramatically reduce your maintenance costs. 

Though this program, Allegiant specializes in getting up to 50% of the total cost of energy-efficient lighting paid for with KCP&L rebate funding. This funding is pre-approved and guaranteed in writing. 

When you schedule you assessment, Allegiant will provide all savings, costs and payback free of charge so you can make an informed decision about your facility. We handle all paperwork, communications and submissions to secure KCP&L rebate funding with absolutely no cost or obligation

KCP&L Lighting Rebate Program Results:

In the past 7 years, Allegiant has shown 592 businesses how to lower their electric bill a total of $3,830,667 annually while securing $3,411,010 in pre-approved KCP&L Funding. 

 To schedule an assessment or if you have questions:

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