Assessments and rebates

Keeping your business wired

From the lighting inside your business to
the outside signs, we will
keep the lights on.

Energy assessment Assessments and upgrades

Will energy-efficient lighting have a significant impact on your energy and operating costs?

Allegiant Service Group will conduct a Comprehensive Lighting Assessment with absolutely no cost or obligation. Your evaluation includes: 

  • A lighting energy audit
  • Total cost of lighting equipment
  • Total cost of installation
  • Annual energy savings
  • Project payback, R.O.I. and Net Gain or Loss on Investment
  • KCP&L Rebate assistance when eligible

Allegiant has experience with energy-efficient technology for both interior and exterior lighting.

We install new fixtures and, when appropriate, retrofit existing fixtures with:

  • T8 High Efficiency Flourescent
  • T5 Fluorescent
  • L.E.D
  • Induction
  • Pulse Start Metal Halide  

To schedule an assessment or if you have any questions: 

(816) 673-1233

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