LED Lighting at The J KC

October 31, 2019
LED Lighting at The J KC

Energy-Efficient LED Lighting Upgrades at The J KC

When the The J KC – The Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City, looked to complete a long-planned facility LED lighting upgrade of over 4,000 light fixtures, they looked to Allegiant Service Group to help get it done.

Allegiant teamed with facility management, board members and various groups at The J – working to coordinate schedules, timelines and meet the various needs of each group. With many groups and patrons utilizing the facility at different times and dates, it was no small task. Areas included the fitness, sports and aquatics centers, underwater LED pool lighting, Heritage Center, Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy private school, Youth & Family centers and other key areas that make up The J KC.

The end result was tens of thousands of dollars in annual energy savings and a brighter, vibrant facility for all to enjoy. Additional savings resulted from the elimination of maintenance hours related to chasing lighting repairs and complaints of inoperative lighting. With LED product warranties up to 10 years, the savings continue from year-to-year.

The J KC facility management was also concerned with deteriorating exterior light poles illuminating parking lots. Several had fallen due to corrosion and age. Allegiant employed their ultra-sound technology to scan each light pole and determine critical infrastructure replacement needs. While Facilities thought many of the steel light poles needed to be replaced – an expensive proposition, it was determined through testing and reporting, that only a handful of the light poles required attention. The result was additional thousands of dollars in cost savings and peace of mind for facility management. Allegiant replaced select lights poles and upgraded exterior lighting to LED as needed, rather than having to replace a majority of the poles, as was thought prior to the ultrasound study.

Allegiant is proud to have been a part of the successful installation and implementation of LED lighting upgrades that have reduced energy-usage, brightened spaces and to providing on-going support to The J KC for years to come.