Five ways logistics parks can optimize their operations with smart video

March 3, 2021
Five ways logistics parks can optimize their operations with smart video

When people think about cameras in logistics parks, they think about pure-play security applications. But what if you could also use video to boost your efficiency, productivity, and even health and safety? 

Of course, none of this is possible with traditional security cameras that record footage of your site. But the good news is that the latest generation of smart video solutions can help you optimize your operations, and gain new competitive edge, in five key ways: 

1) Improving your employee safety 

Introducing health and safety policies is relatively easy, but enforcing them can be much harder. With smart video, you can trigger alerts if your people are not wearing hard hats, or if they are entering restricted areas, for example. Because these kinds of situations are detected automatically, you can save time and ensure you do not miss potential health and safety breaches.

 2) Optimizing your site security

At busy logistics parks, people come and go all day and night, increasing security risks and often causing delays at the park entrance as well. Smart video helps you speed up site access and tighten security with a range of features, from vehicle recognition to facial recognition, which can be used to prevent unauthorized access to your site and speed up access for authorized visitors. In all cases, automated alerts are generated to inform your security team of any suspicious activity, allowing them to respond faster and more effectively.

 3) Saving time for your security team

With smart video, you can replace manual security patrols with ‘remote’ patrols. These support regular security checks of your key site locations using strategically placed, high-definition, low-light cameras that can identify potential security breaches automatically and in real time. As an extension to remote patrols, you can use AI to reduce the need to review footage manually, saving even more time for your teams.

4) Increasing your operating efficiency and throughput 

The latest smart video solutions give you a way to monitor all vehicles entering the park and to direct them to available loading docks in real time. The best solutions also provide all the devices and software you need to scan goods entering the park and to follow them through to their final destination, helping you reduce security risks and shrinkage, an reduce manual goods tracking workloads and costs. All this helps you increase security and throughput and increase your overall operating efficiency.

 5) Minimizing on-site fire risks

Thermal cameras and smoke detectors can be built into your smart video solution to detect abrupt temperature changes that could indicate a fire. This allows your teams to respond in real time, before employees are put at risk, and before your buildings or assets are damaged or lost.


Find out how with Hikvision

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