New Bacteria and Virus Killing UVC LED Lights

July 13, 2020
New Bacteria and Virus Killing UVC LED Lights

 UVA (315nm-400nm) is not very effective in killing viruses and bacteria through directly shining unless for a prolong period of time at a very strong dosage. Sometimes however UVA is used in conjunction with UVC for two reasons, (1) the cost of UVA+UVC LED is cheaper than UVC only LED, and (2) UVA is visible whereas UVC is invisible and thus alerting the user that UV germicidal lighting mode is ON. Another use of UVA, rather than direct killing of bacteria and viruses, is for activating photocatalyst (e.g. Titanium Dioxide) and then the activated photocatalyst would do the killing of bacteria and viruses. This process is also known as PECO (photoelectrochemical oxidation) and is widely used in many advanced portable Air Filter products.

VIRAPURE 25W & 36W LED Sanitizing Troffer

 ViraPure® is not a disinfectant. It is a cutting edge nanotechnology that provides a permanent solution to infection control. It effectively inhibits bacteria, viruses and fungi in 3 simultaneous ways:

  1. It reacts with sulfhydryl inside bacteria, viruses and fungi inhibiting their growth and reproduction.

  2. As a photocatalyst, it decomposes bacteria, viruses and fungi under visible light.

  3. It is positively charged, which attracts negative charges in bacteria/viruses/fungi, effectively breaking their structure. It then breaks the dead cells into CO² & H²O, maintaining a clean surface.


 Our Troffer Pro Plus model uses ViraPure® patented technology for long-term protection against airborne bacteria, viruses and fungi. With the high density PECO coating throughout the housing and lens, it continuously cleans viruses and bacteria making contact with the surface. The replaceable ViraPure® air filter can effectively trap and decompose airborne viruses & bacteria. This contemporary design is perfect for any school, office, hotel, hospital, senior living facility, nursery, dental office or anywhere else you desire health improving environment.


ViraPure® patented technology (A high density PECO coating) throughout the housing and lens, continuously cleaning viruses and bacteria making contact with the surface

  1. Pre-filters

  2. ViraPure® coated air filters for trapping, removing and decomposing airborne viruses & bacteria

  3. Self air circulation through built-in fans

  4. 0-10V dimming