Security Magazine on Preventing Cyber Threats & Hacks from Hitting Your Remote Workforce

October 23, 2020
Security Magazine on Preventing Cyber Threats & Hacks from Hitting Your Remote Workforce

COVID-Related Phishing Hacks Grow, Hikvision Senior Cybersecurity Director on Securely Working from Home

As the pandemic has pushed many workers to a work from home (WFH) model, hackers are finding ways to take advantage of the situation. The Security magazine story, “Four ways to stop cybercriminals from capitalizing on your remote workers,” covers the extent of the new threat and offers tips to prevent becoming a victim of hacks or other security concerns.

COVID-19 has intensified network security challenges. According to the article, IT security leaders have seen growth in cyberattacks of 300 percent since the crisis hit. The usual methods hackers take including phishing, malware and other security concerns continue to take place, but on a much larger scale.

To combat hackers looking to exploit vulnerable workers, Security magazine offers several tips. We’ve covered three of the four cybersecurity tips below.

  • Use a virtual private network (VPN) for added security: Employees and security leaders can enhance cybersecurity by connecting to a secure VPN via the Internet.
  • Implement a Zero Trust security model: Hikvision’s senior director of cybersecurity, Chuck Davis, covered Zero Trust in this Hikvision blog. In it, he stated that network segmentation is a critical first step for protecting networks and systems. The Zero Trust approach uses micro-segmentation to determine if a user, machine, or application can be trusted.
  • Require multi-factor authentication (MFA): Hikvision’s Davis provided an introduction to MFA and how to use it for added security in this Hikvision blog, where he said, “MFA adds two or more pieces of verifiable evidence or factors to the authentication process to greatly reduce security concerns by lowering the chances of an account being accessed by the wrong person.”

As hacking risks and cyber threats grow, Hikvision has covered a wide range of cybersecurity trends in its blog, to help you identify threats and avoid becoming a victim to them. View our blog that summarizes Davis’ Work from Home series, with tips to work securely.