SeeClear: focus on excellence with 5 Hikvision core technologies

February 26, 2021
SeeClear: focus on excellence with 5 Hikvision core technologies

Achieving excellence requires an eye for detail, a vision for success and the focus to see it through. It’s a rare combination that Hikvision has created it with Hikvision #SeeClear: a set of core technologies that ensure our cameras record the finest details, while always capturing the bigger picture. 

Hikvision is dedicated to achieving excellence, which is one of our core values, and that’s why we’ve created #SeeClear: a set of technologies designed to give you a precise, uninterrupted view of every situation. Equipped with this comprehensive outlook, you are empowered to make rapid decisions for an optimal outcome every time.

Here are 5 examples of how Hikvision core technologies can help you achieve excellence:

1) Hikvision Super Resolution: always get a precise and clear view 

To optimize your business operations, you need to see and understand everything. Hikvision Super Resolution allows you to capture both the wider view and the smaller details – all in super-high resolution – so you can maximize your visibility, and focus on achieving your goals.

2) Hikvision Smart Rapid Focus: zoom in on what’s most important

Success depends on your ability to focus. With Hikvision’s Smart Rapid Focus, you can zoom in from a bird’s eye view to a close-up image without losing clarity, even for a split second. In this way, you can monitor large areas with just a few cameras, capture critical events in vivid definition, and react quickly to every situation your business faces.

3) Hikvision Image Stabilization: smooth video in unstable locations 

In locations where movement and vibrations are a constant feature, recording clear video footage is a major challenge. With Hikvision’s Image Stabilization technology, you get smooth, balanced imaging across your camera estate, making shakiness and poor video quality a thing of the past.

4) Hikvision Defog: crystal clear video in adverse conditions 

Weather can make conditions in outdoor environments extremely changeable and unpredictable – and that can make it tough for video cameras to perform well. In particular, heavy rain, snow, and fog can limit visibility, rendering traditional cameras ineffective. Hikvision’s innovative, defog technology can enhance the color and detail of the field of view, so you never have to battle against poor visibility.

5) Hikvision DarkFighter: clear video in ultra-low light 

Dark or low illumination conditions can be challenging to your business, whether you are protecting your premises, or actually working in low light. Hikvision’s Darkfighter technology provides high quality video imaging in very low light conditions, ensuring you can monitor and continually optimize your activities 24×7.

See clearer than ever with Hikvision

To discover more about Hikvision’s innovative core technology features, and how they can help you optimize your operations, boost your security monitoring and sharpen your business focus, please watch our #SeeClear video series.