Tips to Stay Cybersecure

October 7, 2020
Tips to Stay Cybersecure

Hikvision Work From Home Blog Series: 3 Tips to Stay Cybersecure covers vulnerabilities organizations are facing with the transition to a remote workforce in the story, “Report: Enterprises caught off-guard by remote work cybersecurity challenges.”

The article covers the report, “2020 Remote Workforce Cybersecurity Report,” which was conducted by cybersecurity provider, Fortinet, in June. It aimed to uncover how companies adapted to the rapid change to teleworking.

From the article: “We shouldn’t be surprised, given the speed at which the COVID-19 pandemic spread, that enterprises have found the last few months challenging to the extreme. Still, the scale of this challenge—as captured in Fortinet’s research—boggles the mind. Nearly two-thirds of the businesses surveyed had to transition over half of their workforce to remote work practically overnight. And 83 percent of those organizations found this transition moderately, very, or extremely challenging.”

The report also found that:

  • Secure connectivity posed the greatest challenge for the switch to remote work, according to 32 percent of respondents.
  • The majority of those surveyed planned to invest in commercial security, VPNs, access control technologies, and cloud security.
  • Two-thirds witnessed an increase in security breach attempts, while 34 percent surveyed experienced a breach.

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